Stay Connected On Your Next Trip to India!

Rent a mobile broadband internet device (very similar to the MiFi device that's carried by Verizon and Sprint here in the United States) or an Android smartphone for the duration of your next trip to India. We'll ship the device to your US address, all charged and ready to go.

With your personal Inte
rnet wifi hotspot while your traveling in India, you'll be able to:
  • surf the web
  • access google maps (spend less time getting lost!)
  • get driving and walking directions
  • easily call local businesses
  • read restaurant reviews
  • read and send emails
  • make cheap or free phone calls back home with Skype
  • stay connected to friends on facebook and twitter
Cost: $9.99 / day

What's included:
  • 3G Mobile Internet Personal WiFi Hotspot (up to 5 devices can connect simultaneously)
  • 750 GB data included (additional data can be added)
  • FREE: A few Indian plug adapters so you can keep your other gadgets charged